Driver Training

Certified By Qualified instructors

Lothian Mechanical Handling provide on-site forklift training courses for all types of forklift trucks to the industry standard.

Safety is paramount in the work place so let us keep you safe and legal by offering on-site (In-House) driver/operator training for all types of equipment:

  • Counter Balance Forklift Trucks
  • Articulated (pivot steer) Trucks
  • Warehouse Equipment
  • MEWP Machines
  • Telehandler

Training Courses

Training is provided by qualified instructors and complies with the recommendations of the Health & Safety Commissions Approval Code of Practice And Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training (L117) or M.E.W.P.S Regs 2005


Update your skills and maintain certification for experienced operators


Get certified or renew for operators without current credentials


Start safe and confident with essential skills for beginners


Specialized training for reach and pivot operations

Man Up Training

Master the art of elevated operations

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