New Forklifts

New Forklifts for Sale

We are authorised suppliers of TCM forklifts in Scotland. TCM has merged operator
preference, fast precision, and lasting performance to produce the highest quality
of new forklifts and Warehouse Equipment! We have a full range of new counter
balance forklifts for sale as well as warehouse equipment from TCM.

Forklifts available
at lothian mechanical handling

Lothian Mechanical Handling’s aim is to always provide our customers with the safest, most efficient, and operator-orientated forklift truck possible to lower your total cost of ownership, reduce your downtime and maximise your productivity.

We have learned that customers want trust-based relationships supported by a focused effort and innovation to provide superior products and services every time.

Reach Trucks &
Stock Pickers

Explore our reach trucks and stock pickers, engineered for efficient high-level material handling. With precision controls and advanced manoeuvrability, they excel in navigating narrow aisles and reaching elevated storage areas.

Hand Pallet

Explore our hand pallet trucks, designed for efficient and ergonomic material handling. With user-friendly features and sturdy construction, they simplify load transportation for enhanced efficiency in your operations.

New lpg forklifts for
Sale 1500KG - 5500 KG

Explore our LPG forklifts, combining reliability and versatility for diverse tasks. With robust construction and efficient power, they handle loads from 1500kg to 5500kg, enhancing productivity in any environment.

Pedestrian Pallet

Explore our pedestrian pallet trucks, crafted for efficient material handling in tight spaces. With ergonomic design and varying load capacities, they promise seamless operation and enhanced productivity.

ELectric Forklifts For Sale
(3 & 4 Wheel) 1400KG - 12,000 KG

Explore our electric forklifts, in 3 and 4-wheel options, lifting 1400kg to 12,000kg. Efficient, quiet, and versatile, they’re perfect for indoor tasks, delivering power and precision for your material handling needs

Diesel Forklifts
For Sale 2000 KG - 10,000 KG

Explore our diesel forklifts, ranging from 2000kg to 10,000kg, for reliable and powerful performance in various industrial settings.