Industrial Cleaners

Glasgow, Edinburgh & Throughout Scotland

Our recent collaboration with Hako Machines Ltd, a premier provider of cutting-edge technology for indoor and outdoor cleaning, has expanded our offerings to include a full range of Sweepmaster and Scrubmaster products, alongside Commercial and Outdoor cleaning equipment.


Due to our new partnership with Hako we are now authorised suppliers of a broad selection of innovative and reliable cleaning machines. We have pedestrian and ride-on sweepers including the Sweepmaster M600 and Sweepmaster 900R, ideal for cleaning areas between 2300 and 25000 m2/h for dust-free cleanliness.

For pedestrian and ride-on scrubber driers, the Scrubmaster B12 and Scrubmaster B30 are available as part of our extensive range. The innovative systems of these machines will increase the efficiency and scope of your cleaning operation. 

The Scrubmaster range is perfect if you want increased machine operating times and increased water tank hygiene for sensitive areas. Some of our other products available include single disc and polishing machines for perfect cleaning results as well as multifunctional road sweepers ideal for use in a variety of working environments.

Hako Cleaning Technology

Sweepmaster 650

A compact, high-performance sweeper for the dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas

Sweepmaster B800 R

Combines the compact dimensions of a pedestrian machine with the performance of a ride-on machine

Scrubmaster B310 R

A large, battery-powered, ride-on cleaning machine that combines the pre-sweeping and scrubbing for perfect cleaning results

Scrubmaster B70

A high performance, efficient pedestrian scrubber-drier suitable for use in medium and large areas